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Gardening Basics

Where To Place Your Garden

Location is key and plants need the sun in order to grow! If you have limited space consider a container garden or putting in small raised beds to utilize the space you have. If space is not an issue think about what you can handle in terms of planting weeding and harvesting when the time comes since each step can be rather time consuming.

Soil Care

Knowing your soils and amending for vegetation is a crucial step toward having a successful growing season. Vegetation receive their nutrients directly through their roots in the soils. Healthy soil holds enough water air and nutrients to sustain plant life and help it thrive. You can help build healthy soil by adding organic materials.

Choosing What and When to Grow

It is better to start with fewer plants when you are just getting started. Keep in mind what time of year certain items harvest better and also when is the right time to start planting. Harvest takes place anywhere from 30 to 90 days with many plants producing throughout the entire season. Click here to learn more about when to plant in the Southern California area.

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Planting and Caring

Ensure your containers have plenty of drainage so your seeds do not drown in too much water. All plants need water in order to survive and grow. Check your soil for moisture by poking a finger in it. If the soil feels dry then it is time to water!

Some Helpful Hints

Don’t get discouraged if you are not successful at first. Keep records of your gardening space such as how you planted each year what plants were started and how and what provided produce. That way you can continue to learn and improve your gardening.

Buy Plants and Seeds with Calfresh Benefits

You can buy food as well as plants and seeds to grow food with your CalFresh benefits. Use these to grow a garden to feed your entire family. Check back for more tips on how to grow gardens, create composts and more.